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  • 12 Gage

    The combination of caramel and blackberry with White Chocolate and Mexican Chocolate powders make this mocha a longtime Brushfire favorite.

  • Nutty Blues

    This blueberry and roasted chestnut white chocolate mocha may inspire you to start playing the blues on the Brushfire guitar.

  • Thin Mint

    The hint of green mint flavor mixed with the smoothness of Chocolate Truffle Powder make this a palatable beverage

  • Islander

    Mixing vanilla, carmel, and coconut in Chocolate truffle makes this mocha give you that "Islander" feel

  • Touche

    This mocha combo of caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut in Chocolate Truffle  mix may be suitable if you are feeling a little clever and witty

  • F-22

    Not sure if this mocha was named after a military jet, but the dark chocolate and blackberry with Truffle mix make for a tasty experience nonetheless

  • Mix Masta

    This mix only has toffee nut and macadamia nut with chocolate truffle making for a tasty experience

  • Kystyle

    This drink was made with style by Krystal, by mixing toasted almond mocha, chestnut, and toffee nut into a truffle mocha.

  • Chimney Sweep

    Before winter hits you have to sweep that chimney. Maybe you should enjoy a toasted almond and toffee nut Mexican chocolate mocha before you do.

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  • Nutty Irishman

    You don't to be Irish to enjoy this delicious Irish cream and hazelnut latte

  • Love Potion #9

    We don't guarantee this "potion" will make you fall in love, however we are sure you will enjoy the flavor of this blackberry, caramel, and vanilla latte

  • Progger

    This drink has a goofy name and an unusual mix of earl grey tea and vanilla flavoring making this latte a memorable one

  • Promise Land

    This drink has a goofy name and an unusual mix of earl grey tea and vanilla flavoring making this latte a memorable one

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  • Buckwild

    Named after "Buckie", a Brushfire volunteer, this chai is simply tasty with only maple spice flavor and East Indian Spice as it mixture

  • 77zero3

    This is a high altitude favorite chai that mixes cinnamon and East Indian Spice Chai

  • Jig

    This drink has a little extra boost with espresso and Irish cream added to an East Indian Spice Chai that may cause you to do a little jig.

  • Apple Pie

    Want the taste of apple pie but don't have the time to make one? This chai combination of cinnamon and apple in east Indian chai is just right for you

  • Berry Nutty

    Raspberry and toffee nut in east Indian spice chai makes for a delightful drink

  • Kicker

    Combining raspberry and toffee nut into an east Indian chai will give your tongue a flavor kick that is tasty.

  • Pumpkin Chai High

    With three flavors, pumpkin spice, maple spice, and toasted almond added to a east Indian Spice Chai, you just might realize that the mountains around us are high.

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  • P.R.I.M.E. Time

    This chocolate truffle hot chocolate stands for "Preston's Raspberry In Mint Experience", and it is gooood.

  • Yeti Killer

    The winters can be cold in Gunnison and rumors about yeti exist, and so this hot chocolate prepares anyone to face yeti with the combination of cherry and vanilla mixed in chocolate truffle

  • Pom Pom

    This white hot chocolate with green mint may make you wish you had pom poms because you will fell like cheering.

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  • Select from a variety of powders and syrups to create a delicious beverage. Remember you can always add some espresso or tea in your combo.



    Chocolate Truffle White ChocolateMexican Chocolate French Vanilla Caramel PralineRaspberry Parfait


    East Indian Vanilla Tahitian Vanilla



    AppleApricot / BlackberryBlueberry Cherry Raspberry Strawberry


    Almond Coconut Hazelnut Macadamia Nut /Toasted Almond Mocha


    Green Mint /Peppermint


    Caramel Cinnamon Dark Chocolate Irish Cream / Maple Spice Pumpkin Spice Vanilla

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We have over 20 different types of tea in our collection, from Two Leaves, Harney & Sons, and Tazo. Come in the shop to see what may fit the mood.

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