Brushfire Snapshot

The doors of the Brushfire Coffeehouse opened in the beautiful mountain town of Gunnison, CO during the fall of 2002. Our shop serves the Gunnison valley as a non-profit coffeehouse and bookstore ministry. We have added a variety of delicious beverages to to our menu over the years by customer and barista experimentation. We carry fun games to make an evening a more exciting one, and lots of books that resonate with the heart and mind. Also, we host various events at our shop throughout the year. Our Wi-Fi is free to use without any purchase of goods, and we are open until midnight 5 days a week.

The Brushfire’s atmosphere is a more relaxed one where people can rub shoulders and learn about each other, which is one of our favorite aspects to our shop. We recognize that everyone has a unique story that is worth listening to and sharing. Most workers at the Brushfire see the world in light of their growing relationship with Jesus Christ, who they met along the way in their journey, and desire for others to know Him too. Other workers are learning more about what it means to follow Jesus.

The bookstore side of our coffeehouse is a resource we offer for others to know more about truth and newness of life given by Jesus. Our genre of books include biographies, non-fiction, poetry, novels, and more. The value we see in our books is more than monetary. So we like to loan and give them away to others so others strapped for cash can still benefit.

In simplified terms, the Brushfire exists as a service and resource for everyone. So if you are looking for something to do in the evening, want to discuss deeper things pertaining to life, or want to make new friends, come hang out with us, we would to love to have you!/p>